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High Tech Consult

Ameer graduated from Web Design and Interactive Media at Humber Collage. He is an expert in Web/Native UI/UX Design and development (coding). He is consulting Entrepreneurs to build online presence. 

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Total Wellness

Ameer is a strong advocate for natural health and wellness. He's studied and mentored by some of the biggest and best healer's and Drs. He has a strong passion to help people feel better naturally.

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Ameer believes in personal empowerment and taking responsibility... Working with different energy healers and personal development trainers, Ameer has been able to transform his life and now other's. 

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Teaching YOU to build a effective funnel so you profit...

Once I joined GrooveFunnels, people have been asking me if I can help/show them how they can get started to build their funnels eCommerce sites for their business. As a web/app designer and developer, I will hold your hand every step of the way to help you prosper online, with affordability in mind.

  • Learn how to be an expert digital builder. 

  • Get the PERSONAL HELP you've been asking for.

  • Have a clear strategy to potential income 

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    What People Say About Ameer

    Ameer you are AMAZING! You are so smart and you over delivered! In two hours you helped me build my funnel, and sales portal to I can start earning income from my webinar, thank you! 

    - DR.Monica Mallet,

    People have to be told about this! The energy I feel after  Ameer worked on me is nothing to be exaggerated. Right before meeting Ameer I was having panic/anxiety attaches and after years of no results I new feel better. 

    - John Barber, Canada


    Total Wellness

    Mind, Body and Spirit.

    I cured my poor digestion and sleep naturally. I always had a nature affinity to learning how the body works and what makes people heal. This interest attracted some world class mentors in my life at every level of health and healing.

  • Clear out the emotional baggage

  • Real Nutrition that heals you

  • Reestablish faith in your health

  • What People Say...

    Ameer is so appreciative to have had a positive impact on so many lives.


    More About Ameer

    Ameer at a very young age was diagnosed with a learning disability... Instead of feeling like a victim he took responsibility and got into personnel development at the age of 12. He started getting into business & marketing at 15. 

    He is known as a "genius" is multiple disciplines. He is a tech genius, personal wellness expert and well in-tune in personal empowerment. 

    He is now committed to helping people to empower them online.